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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sale. Orders. Boots Original.


Thank you to all those who stopped in this morning to my sale, and if you missed it you can catch it here. There's still a lot of things left. I did my best to have a large variety and various price-points too, so I hope everyone was pleased. From the emails I received, it sounded like you were and I'm very happy about that. You all made my day!

If you ordered things after they were sold out (I'll let you know), and they were available for order, I'll be working on all of those things early next week and then when I return. If you have special lengths you want me to accommodate, simply drop me an email, letting me know. That's the beauty of "custom", I can size it to your needs. If you're unsure of measurement, then I have a way for that to be fixed. On Monday I'll have a pdf file that you can print out and use the tape on it to give me your wrist size. It's a little easier than a tape measure. :) So more on that soon.

Many of you wanted to know my favorites? Well, I adore the crystal earrings and my favorite bracelet was Courage and Strength. If you want to ORDER Courage and Strength, you can, but know that it will be three weeks before delivery since I leave for vacation next Friday. I plan to stop working on Wednesday so I can clean my house, pack up my family and just make sure that any loose ends are completed. ;) We're just so excited, we can't stand it.
Changing subjects... has anyone ever purchased any Boots Original skin products? Moon and I were in Target oooooing and ahhhhing over the glass bottles, elegant labels and the wonderful smells of each item. I purchased a couple things (the Skin Tonic and Vanishing Cream, doesn't that sound like something Grandma would use?). We had an exchange student stay with us when I was in High School and she had some Boots products. I had no idea that these were the same products, all made in the UK. I love their soft scents, not too perfumy and they don't break out my skin. And, I have very sensitive skin! I can't use many shampoos or soaps and don't get me started on toilet paper. Even that has to be perfume free cuz otherwise, um... well, it can get ugly, that's all I'm saying. ::TMI:: So, if you've never tried them, I give them my stamp of approval. You can find them at your local Target and you can also go to and type in "boots original" and get a list. Definitely check them out! :) Just having them on my bathroom counter makes me think I am staying at a bed and breakfast. And that's grand, no?

Thank you again and tonight and tomorrow I'll be figuring out what needs to be ordered and make all my orders on Friday. If you want to order anything, do it today or tomorrow because I'll be removing and/or putting prices back to their regular amounts.

Have a great evening! I'm off to church so if you email me and I don't respond... that's where I am. :)

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