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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stuff. And. Nothin'.

I added a few things back to the shoppe, if you want them--grab them now. I will put in my final crystal order later tonight. :)

My day has been pleasant, the weather is amazing. I have on a pink long-sleeved T that I bought at Kohl's and this short-sleeved open sweater (Kohl's) and a pair of chico's jeans. :) But I have flips on my feet and I love the chilly air hitting them when the rest of me is cozy. It's just the best and the only thing better would be a hoody.

I'm working on a bracelet... last night I was picking up laundry in my room and the television was on, a clip of a song came on and all I caught were the first six words. I googled those six words and wouldn't you know? I found the song! It has a beautiful message and it just struck me. I sat there listening to the song over and over until I memorized the words. It's definitely going on my iPod. One of the lines is "remember who you are". It's beautiful. So of course... my mind began spinning (I haven't been sleeping well lately, that happens to me, does it to you? If your mind has a lot going on?) and I found a charm and well... in my mind's eye it's all together. So, I'll put it in the shoppe as soon as it's done. :) I'll take orders on it for a few days. I know you'll love it.

Have a wonderful day my friends and thank you for all the precious emails, you always make me laugh and it fills my day with such joy. There's nothing better.

Hugs to you... wherever you are. xo.

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