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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spooky Hollow Lampwork Bracelet

In all my years of creating bracelets, I've never been a fan of 'themed' bracelets for holidays. ie: beads that can only be worn on a specific day or time of the year... that sort of thing

Don't get me wrong, they're all adorable with their little ducks, scarecrow faces, santa hats and all that... they ARE cute! Here's the thing... if I'm giong to spend a lot of money on a bracelet (which I don't since I can rarely afford my own work--seriously) I won't be spending it on a bracelet I can only wear for a few days or a month out of the year. No. That's not me. I am a creature of habit as my friends will tell you (it's sad. it really is.) and I like to keep things simple. However, I am in love with earrings so I have several pairs that make me happy. :)

So, anyway, I still like the idea of "themed" bracelets but that are a little subtle. Take for instance, this adorable black and indicolite bracelet. It's perfectly spooky, don't you think? With the winding curls of the glass and the dots and the black? Spoooooky! But... it can be worn with anything. :) I like that. The bracelet also comes with a cut-out kitty charm, the kitty is black, did you know? :) (use your imagination with me here, folks, puleeze)

I hope you like it. I do. :)


Silver Parrot said...

It's very cute! And spooky!

Robyn Davis Sekula said...

this is pretty and fun - a great solution for those who want something that says Halloween but aren't limited to wearing it then only. I could see adding white instead of black and adding a snowflake charm and making it a winter bracelet.