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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eyes. Craziness. Earrings.

It's easy for me to lose track of my day. No. Really. It is. It's a constant battle.

Take today for instance.

I got up this morning, totally thinking it would be a stay-at-home-get-the-remainder-of-your-work-done-so-you-don't-have-to-work-over-the-weekend type of day. Lots to do!

But then I got a headache. Another headache to add to the laundry list of headaches I've been getting in the last two weeks. ::sigh:: I immediately think brain tumor or "tuma" depending on your Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions of Kindgarten Cop, but nonetheless I could most possibly have some sort of brain tumor. ::more sighing:: I then think to plan B, which says it's probably my over-tired eyes and that leads me to the whole "are your eyes working?" idea. I begin to play around with putting one hand over one eye while looking out the other, and you know what? I realized that I was having difficulties seeing out of my right eye through my glasses right eye lens. What? What's going on??? I had no idea. (freaking out a little) My left eye was fine, btw. It's just the right that was giving me issues.

So I made an appointment with my doc and went into her office immediately. I was so glad! I couldn't stand this anymore. Before I left I took photos of the earrings because I had no idea how long it would take. Once at the doc's ... okay, I'm gonna make this short and sweet ... I found out that they had made a mistake on my right eye lens and it didn't have the same strength... if ANY strength at all. Don't ask me how I didn't know this. I'm not that smart. lol I guess that the left eye was still doing all the work for both eyes and thus the headaches. ::sigh:: I am going to be so excited to get this fixed. Soon I'm going to get contacts. I think that would be awesome!

Then I stopped by the Quilter's Square so I could get a new foot for my sewing machine. Lexington is too far away not to take advantage of other stops that can be made in one trip. While there, I found some beautiful fabric to redecorate the girls room. I don't know when I'll have time, but as with everything in my life... I will add it to the list. lol

I even got to have lunch with a couple friends who were out running their own errands. lol We met up at Panera and I had soup and iced tea. It was nice.

Then home.

To find that the plumbers who were fixing our clogged shower drain were cutting into the drywall of my laundry room to get to the trap. Um? What? lol So now there's a very (very) large hole in my laundry room (as if my list wasn't long enough). But the good news is it was pretty inexpensive to fix (thank the Lord) and my drain is now void of the following: a tiny cell phone, a polly pocket head, a bead (shocker!), and a barbie arm? Oh, and an eraser. Nice. I bet you can guess how these random objects got into my drain, right? Or do you think I put them there? lol One guess.

So now our drain works. Yay!!!

Then a friend stopped by to purchase earrings. That took a little while. lol

Jeff ran to pick up the girls from school.

Nadine went to her tutoring session because I want her to be a ahead-of-grade-level. (smirk)

I run to pick up Nathaniel while Jeff finishes up with the plumbers.

Bring Nathaniel home and pick up Natalie to take her to swimming practice.

Come back home and feed two people (nathaniel and nicole) food.

Same friend from earlier comes back to drop off papers.

Nadine's tutor (and my friend) brings her home from tutoring and we chat for a minute cuz she's trying to kill time before her son has soccer. Oy.

I begin to edit photos for Shoppe and load into product inventory.

Jeff leaves to pick up Natalie from swim practice.

Simultaneously... Jeff and Nat return. I begin to fix food for other two people. Jeff leaves for a wedding rehearsal. Let dogs out.

Someone comes in and says there's a parade at the top of the street. (lord help me) So we all get our shoes on and head down the road and think how nice it would be to bring THREE dogs with us. Everyone runs back to get leashes. Off we go to the parade to get candy that they throw on the ground because that's so much fun. We see other neighbors there and chat while watching the twelve floats go through Main street in quick succession. lol

Get pulled by dogs on the way back home (three blocks away, btw) and once home I clean the kitchen from dinner and listen to all the chewing from the loot that the kids got at the parade. Joy.

Go upstairs to load more inventory.

Go downstairs to switch out laundry and turn the a/c down to 68 degrees because I'm sweating now.

Finish editing. Finish loading. Help kids with homework. Someone cries because they hurt themselves. Everyone looking for jammies. Brushing teeth. Let dogs out. Put shoes away. Find dental floss for someone. Come back into my bedroom to remove two backpacks, three pairs of shoes, several candy wrappers, an empty cup, one pencil, two folders, one book (Inkheart), a towel, a small stack of clothing that someone said they've outgrown, and a toothbrush.... all on my bed. Yup. All on my bed. I suppose these "people" think that my bed is their dumping ground. Actually, they spend a lot of time on my bed because they say it's "comfy-smooshy" and it's "warm and cozy". lol I do love my waterbed. :)

So here I am. Done for the day at 11p at night. Did I get to my work room today? Nope. Not at all. So tomorrow I will be staying home and I'm thrilled because it's a whole lot easier! lol

If you want to see the new stuff... go HERE. :) If you have any problems, let me know.


Laurel said...

I love the new site design. Too cute! You always make life so hard :) I want 2 pairs of the new earrings....argh!

JoeyandChase said...

Laurie, the new site is gorgeous! Of course, your other one was great too, but I love the colors you used with the new one! :)