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Friday, September 4, 2009

Three gorgeous pairs.

Good morning! (I posted these late last night but thought since two pairs sold,
that I would say hello to you while I upated their status)

Today we're headed to King's Island with the family.
If you don't hear from me until late tonight, you'll know why.
Jack-Jack and Claire got their hair cut so of course I'm going to ask
Emily if she'll take their picture. :) They look SO cute and SO different.

I'll talk to you later! Have a wonderful Saturday!

If you want any of the earrings that are sold, I can duplicate them.

Aren't these fantastic? I know. As I was making them, I was falling in love. :)
Gorgeous boro's with the most unique ear wires. They have a lasso sort of look to them,
and once little crystals are added they just began to sing. Lurve.

$48.99 (soon-to-be $62.99)
* * *

These have more of a gem tone to them, with amethyst and indicolite crystals with
boro beads. I oxidized the silver rings and findings so that they have more of an
earthy feel. They're gorgeous.

$48.99 (soon-to-be $62.99)


* * *

I think this is my favorite pair. They just reminded me of that first morning frost.
You know, when you look out the window and see the white haze across the
grass that's getting ready for winter? Yeah. Days like that are my favorite.

$48.99 (soon-to-be $62.99)

If you want any of these, simply email me, using the "inquire" link
and I'll reply to you as soon as I can. :)