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Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep Calm {and have a cupcake}

Phew. What a day (already) I've had. I had an appointment at 9a and then when I went to walk out the door, leaving plenty of time to stop by MacDonald's for a coffee and make a bank stop for a deposit, I couldn't find my keys.


I remember specifically putting them in my little bowl on my work table along with my earrings and wedding ring, I never work with them on. Claustrophobia. ANYWAY, I couldn't find my keys. Turned the table upside-down looking for them and it dawned on me that Jeff went to the store late last night and might have used them. Called Jeff. No he doesn't have keys he says. I rant. I rave. I cry. I hang up {on him}. I'm frustrated. I call back. He picks up. He says he doesn't have them, look around the house. I hang up. I look around the house. Nothing. No where. The keys have vanished. (where's a cupcake when you need one, I ask you!!?)

By the way... I do not lose things.


I put them back where I found them. I will even go so far as to make a NOTE of where I put them in case I forget, you know, cause that's a good idea and all. No such luck this time.

I call back. No keys. DO YOU HAVE THEM? I scream yell ask? No. I do not have your keys, he says politely. How he stays calm in matters like these I do not know.

I begin to look around the house. The clock is ticking and ticking fast. No coffee. No bank stop.

No keys.

I notice the kitchen counter, still covered with freshly made lunch bags yet our kids have gone to school. THE KIDS FORGOT THEIR LUNCHES!!! ::sigh:: more panicking. I go to the dining room. There are HOMEWORK papers all over it. No backpacks. Ugh.

The morning is going to pot.

I call back. YOU forgot to put the homework in the backpacks and the kids are without their lunches. ::sigh:: He says...

I'll be home in twenty minutes.

I wait. I cancel my appointment. ::sigh:: I iron a shirt. I continue to look for the missing keys. I pack up the lunches and put them in the car. I decide I might as well take a quick shower. I get ready. (it's now 8:40a)

Jeff brings me his set of keys to my car. I'm too late for my appointment but my day is now very behind. ::more sighing:: He says he thinks he saw one of the kids with the keys and maybe they know where they are? I locked the car and someone needed to get their backpacks, which is why they needed my keys. I'll ask them when I pick them up from school.

I run to the elementary school to give lunches and forgotten homework papers to teachers. I run to the middle school to do the same.

It's now 9:25a and I decide to go get my coffee because now I really needed it. No. I needed two, but I settled for one.

I've had some time to calm down now. lol It's all rather humorous actually, but the keys are still missing and since my car is less than three weeks old, I'd say that this is not a good sign of things to come. lol They're 50 bucks to replace too! Yikes. Wish me luck for the rest of my day cause it looks like this...

Vac the car. Put seat covers on car so kids don't ruin it on the ride to Cinci. Pick the girls up from elementary school. Pick Nathaniel up from middle school. Take Natalie to her ortho appointment. Grab a snack for the kids to eat so they're not starving until dinner. Head to Cincinnati. Jeff will come later in the day. Phew. What a day it's going to be!!! lol

I hope my Mom made cupcakes.

1 comment:

Pretty Things said...

Keys are the one thing I tend to lose. I don't know why it has to be keys.

And cupcakes -- cake is such a favorite of mine!