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Friday, September 25, 2009

Update. Book Signing. More things in the store.

So hubby was "mad" at me for about ten minutes. :) (you gotta love a man who is so unwomanly-like (yes. a word.) and gets on with life after a minor explosion from the wife)

We headed to pick up the book that I didn't want to go looking for because I thought I wouldn't find it because I'm not good with directions because who wants to get lost on a rainy day in Lexington? Yeah. Not me! :) So we get to the woman's house and guess what? She forgot to put it on her porch. lol! I didn't laugh at the time because I do believe hubby wasn't all too thrilled but the woman did actually tell him in her last email...that Jeff didn't catch at the bottom of the email (in tiny ten point font). Har har. So we'll go back over the weekend I guess or I could go pick it up myself because I know where it is now! :) (see how I worked that out? lol)

Then we went to get the book, Echo in the Bone. I'm thrilled! Can't wait. Moon and Missy and I will be grabbing some lunch at their Bistro (which is awesome!) and then we'll listen to Ms.Gabaldon read some of the book and ask questions, I am tooo excited. :) I'll keep you posted and hopefully Moon will bring her camera so she can get a picture of us all with the author. Yay us!

In a little while I'll be back with some new things in my store. :) I think you'll like them, until then... have a great day!

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