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Monday, October 19, 2009

New things to come!

Hello Everyone! :)

I'm so glad to be back home and honestly, I'm okay with the chilly weather we're having, but it was nice being in 70+ degree weather for a week.

So... how was your week? I hope it was good. Can you believe that Christmas is less than ten (!!!) weeks away? Yeah. I know. I shouldn't even mention it. Ugh. Another year gone by so fast, terrible. Although, December is Natalie's birthday and she's turning TEN and I can't tell you how excited she is! We'll probably have a sleepover or maybe a swim party, I don't know. We'll have to talk about it, no matter what, she wants a party. I think it's important when you're turning ten, right?

Over the last week I've realized I need a new cell phone. Mine is four years old. lol I know, some of you cannot believe that anyone could have a cell phone for that long, but I didn't see any need to get a new one but now I think it's a must. So, I've been looking at different phones and trying to pick one that's a little more savvy than my current device. I figure I'll have this new one for at least four years so I need to pick wisely. My current phone doesn't keep a charge anymore and it's annoying. But it did its job for many years. My parents pay for my cell phone (!!!) and have done so since 1997. :) My Dad has one of those family-plans where additional phones are 10 dollars a month, you know? Well, I don't use a cell phone much but I think it would be nice to get emails or have the ability to get emails... so I'm checking in to what sorts of plans are available and their rates. I've also had the same cell number all these years and don't want to lose it, the last four digits spell out the word Pink. :) Yeah. I know, awesome, right? lol So, my question is... what's your favorite phone? There's a great Blackberry out there that's good and it's pink, but don't say you love your iPhone, I can't get one of those. They're too expensive for me, they don't come in pink, and my current carrier doesn't have the iPhone (Sprint) so it's out. Any other suggestions?

In my shop, I put two bracelet sets on huge mark-down, so check them out. Bracelet and earrings set for $69.99. They are MUCH MUCH prettier in person, so definitely take a look. Perfect for a Christmas present. I'm also working on all the orders this week and today I'd like to put up a special (limited edition, I might be able to make three of them). The colors are black, cream and goldstone. :) Yummy!

Well my peeps, I don't have any other news. Oh, but how strange is this whole boy-in-the-balloon thing? Some people are nuts. What they'll do for attention is beyond me. Cray-zee. I have been following the story and am continually baffled by all of it. I'm glad I didn't have crazy parents like that and equally, I'm glad I AM NOT CRAZY like that. lol I think I'm pretty normal-boring, ya know? :) Anyhoo... count your blessings! (however, if you're a crazy, go see someone and quick! you need help! lol!)

I'll yack atcha later, you all have a terrific day!

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