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Monday, October 19, 2009

Love You Lately Bracelet

I adore this bracelet. I adore the meaning that's behind it. You can see more pictures by going HERE. It's on special pricing so grab it while you can.

I've always loved taking pictures. Doesn't everyone really? Do you remember turning in your little rolls of film and having to wait for a few days until they were developed? And then it seemed like the most awesome thing when they came out with one-hour-photos, and who wasn't thrilled with that? I certainly was. I remember going to camp with Carie and taking our "disc" cameras and thinking I was too cool because it was on that little disc camera, but wow, did it ever take grainy photos. lol Or the 110? Who doesn't remember the 110? I'll tell you who, kids in their twenties, that's who. lol How lucky are these kids of today that have digital cameras and phones that write letters (email!) and the ability to chat with a friend at a minutes notice? Yeah. There are so many things that are awesome about today's world, but I like the simplicity of my world too.

I love my new camera and I am in love with the memories that it's making our family. I adore shots of my kids being themselves, no pose, just being them. Those will probably always be my favorite shots. I know that the camera charm is a bit different, but I really wanted something that was more than a love charm or a heart charm or a flower... I wanted something with more meaning. Every time you look at that little camera charm, think of all the memories you're making in the life you're creating. Keep those "snapshots" in your heart... I am.

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