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Monday, October 12, 2009

South Carolina with Friends

i did a vintage color on this one. it's probably my favorite look,
a little bit of black and white with a hint of color. :)

natalie has had the best time!

the boy.

natalie taking a break from the sea.

friends making sand castles.

nicole loves the water.

two years ago, we went to cocoa beach and deanie wasn't as thrilled
with the sand. this time however, she's so in love with it, she's not thrilled to
go to the pool. :)

deanie with her sand castles. nicole with her boogy board. and me with one of my girls.

i have to admit, the boy with the hair fits in quite nicely at the beach. he reminds me
of a young patrick swayze, no? remember Point Break? yeah. me too.


same photo as the first one, only in its original version.

* * *
everyone is having a lovely time. i forgot how much i enjoyed the beach and the sound of the waves hitting the shore. the kids are having a blast, as you can see from the photos. earlier today, nathaniel made a comment about how he thinks there's something wrong with him because his body is stinging. i asked "where is your body stinging?" and he says, "the backs of my ars and behind my legs, that's where." i about laughed but refrained. i told him it's because he spent six hours in the ocean the day before and did a lot of working out on those arms and legs. lol poor guy. however, it didn't stop him from getting right back in the water today. :)

the girls are having a fantastic time with their sand toys and building castles. i've had such a great time with my camera and taking photos of everyone. there's one of me, but i need jeff to take a few more. i'm just the one usually behind the camera. :)

tonight we don't have big plans. some of the kids are taking a golf lesson at the club house, but not all of us. we're all pretty exhausted and need an evening to just chill out. tomorrow, if the weather is good, we'll head to the beach. if not, we're thinking of doing some LetterBoxing and Putt-Putt, or maybe a movie.

i'm loving this. every single minute. :)

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