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Monday, November 9, 2009

Everyone Waits.

Moon took this photo of me and did a Vintage coloring to it. She knows how much I adore Vintage. My next family photo will be done in this style. It's not too bright, not black and white, not sepia, just somewhere in the middle...slightly softer, I just love it. We're still waiting on the rest of our photos from the shoot. Argh! The waiting is killing us! lol It's worth it though so no complaining from me. I know how long it takes to edit photos. A long time!

My silver order arrives tomorrow. I cannot wait. It's like waiting for Christmas morning and none of the silver is for me, but I don't care... I just love unwrapping it and touching it and seeing all the shiny-ness and how wonderful it will make you when combined with other wonderful things. :) So I wait. And wait.

In the meantime, I'm working on the very very last of the orders. It will be so nice for everyone to have all their things. My mind aches for a clean slate, with nothing swimming in my head, no loose ends to finish up. My overseas orders have taken extremely long to arrive and my post office assures me that they will get there just fine but that they're very behind at the moment. My part-time mailman (the fella who takes over when our regular mailman is off), said that they are down several mailmen. I asked why he was so late (it was almost dark when he got here!) and he said that he hoped to finish the route before the sun went down. Ugh! So I know they're working as best they can.

I guess everyone is doing the waiting game at the moment.

I'm off. I have so much to do! And I just can't chat! Enjoy the beautiful weather and I'll yack atcha later!!!

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