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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Old is New.


I snagged one of these vintage circa 1923 Aqua glass Ball jars from Etsy, complete with vintage lid and all. It's beautiful. I'm on a mission to find more of them at yard and rummage sales later this Spring. I have a plan for them. They're fairly pricey so finding one at a decent price is tricky. Mine was about 8 dollars with free shipping, so that's not bad, but some of them can be super expensive (like 20 bucks each. um? no.) I'm all for the whole vintage-costs-more thing but I also like a bargain. When it came in the mail the family looked at me like, "seriously Mom? a old jar?" lol And I told them to mind their own business, that not everything that's wonderful is brand new and shiny. :) Some things are beautiful because of their age. Appropriately enough, the aqua glass jar arrived on my birthday. ::wink wink::

Isn't this little Gnome cute? It reminds me of the Amazing Race Travelocity Gnome, doesn't it? :) (we're Amazing Race fans here) These little glass terrariums are easy to make, and the girls want one in their room. So cute!

In other news... I'm home today...

Thank YOU all so much for the wonderful, wonderful comments about my work. Everyone's packages are arriving now, and thankfully my overseas customers are finally getting theirs too. If you haven't gotten your box yet, it's coming! I finished twelve yesterday and off they went. Today's batch will be about sixteen, possibly twenty, it just depends on how much I can accomplish without my phone ringing. lol Lots of calls came into my house yesterday. Jeff will handle them today, he's working from home today and hopefully he'll work on the laundry. ::sigh:: It's always looming. Boo hiss.

Enjoy your day! :)

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