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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Hello! Happy Tuesday!

It's somewhat chilly here today and it looks like our string of "fun November" weather is on its way out. Secretly, I'm thrilled because it means that I can get in the Christmas mood. Not everyone is happy about the Holiday Season but I am. It's just a festive time of year, and I love all the hustle and bustle (as long as I'm not in the middle of it!).

Thank you to all who came to check out the Thanksgiving Specials, there's only a few things left if you want something fun for your Feasting Day. :) Everything is ready-to-ship so take a look.

My Holiday Open House is just around the corner and I'll have bunches and bunches of fun things. As you know, from previous years (this is my 8th Holiday Open House!) I always put up a lot of "gift-giving-priced" items. Many will be easy bracelets in the 50 to 75 dollar range and I'll have many earrings at the 25 dollar amount. So come early and take a look. And, thanks for all the wonderful comments about the check-out cart on my site. It was the best decision I have ever made, going to that method of operation. I love how easy it is to manage.

My last batch of orders is going out today and tomorrow. I'm so happy! If you're in the last batch, don't worry, it was because I ran out of packing materials! I have never had that happen before and I had to go to my local shop and get some. ::sigh:: Paying 65 cents for a mailer isn't thrilling (per piece). Normally I order them online and get them at a reduced wholesale rate. Anyway, I don't want to bore you with that...

You all have a wonderful day! :) I'll catch up with you later!

1 comment:

Liberty :) said...

I missed the specials because I passed a huge exam and was out celebrating so dont want to miss this one! I like cream by the way so ignore those e-mails from other peoples LOL! (I like black and cream too hint hint joke!)

Can you tell us what time zone you are in so I can work out what time I need to be around for the Open House? I'm at GMT :D Keep up the amazing work!