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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cookies again? Really? Yes really!

It's dreary here. Blech. I have a Girl Scouts meeting today so I actually have to go out IN this weather, which I'm not thrilled about since I detest driving in rainy weather. It's just gross. And wet. And people don't drive well in the rain. And it's wet.

If you're just joining me (are new to byLGD), I do our County's Cookies for the Girl Scouts Organization and it's a slightly big job. No where near as big as managing other countys, because our's is smaller with about 35 troops total. My neighboring county has more than double so I'm glad I don't live there. lol The campaign runs from January to mid-March and we begin preparing for the entire thing in November (as in now). Can you believe that we're nearing cookie season again? Ugh! I'm surprised too since I felt like I just did cookies yesterday. ha. I'm hoping it will be a wonderful selling season for our county. So, today I'm going to go see the new things and enjoy some friends and food. Oh and I get a sweatshirt! How awesome is that? Small perks, gotta love it.

Several of you asked for some gemstone bracelets in the red and green style for gifts. I'll see what I can do. I know you want them for Thanksgiving since you are celebrating your Christmas... I will do my best! And yes yes, I know that you want earrings that aren't cream. lol Sorry! I was trying to create things that go with anything and use colors that everyone enjoys. Your emails cracked me up! I have a new batch of beads that are red and blue, but with a gorgeous twist to them. I'll do my best, like I said. :)

You all have a great day, enjoy the rain. Boo hiss. Talk to you later!

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