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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stupid Animals.

Why do I have animals? I keep asking myself. Really. And it has nothing to do with the Little Dogs either, it has to do with Jeff's dog, Sallie. She's a wonderful dog (for the most part) but she likes to chew on odd things (ie: pencils, eats crayons, tubes of lipstick, containers of lip gloss, plastic cups). Who eats this stuff? We've actually known for a long time that this was her drug of choice, especially crayons, because we would find the "evidence" in the yard. ::wink wink:: I've complained about it for a long time too, but I have to admit she is a sweet dog so I try to overlook her flaws.

This morning I went down to my studio room, which is across from the girls room. It was early. And the girls are sleeping. I look in and see Sallie covered (and I do mean covered) in red lipstick. Red. Lipstick. Her nose, her paws. Covered. Aside from the fact that she looks ridiculous, the girls carpet, which my mother JUST cleaned and looked wonderful, now has red lipstick on it. A large spot. Large. Like the size of my butt, large. I'm furious. I wasn't even going to mention it but it has me so livid, that I need to tell someone. That's you.

Jeff just said, "I guess I could find her a new home". Um. No. That is not an option. People who do that sort of thing upset me. It's like turning your child over to an adoption agency and saying, "I don't want you anymore". So that option isn't an option. She is our responsibility and she'll die with us, whether she does it on her own due to old age or we kill her during one of her eating sprees. Nah. I'm kidding about that last bit, right? lol Anyway, I just don't agree with finding her a new home. This is her home. Whether we like it or not, we picked her and we have to take all of her. She is after all, kind to everyone.

So, does anyone know what can get Lancome Red Lipstick out of white carpet? Help if you can.

Miserable in Kentucky,


JoeyandChase said...

Oh, Sallie...well, I know that Windex gets red nail polish out of carpet ... you can try that?!

Or, you can get a box of Dryel stuff and use the liquid with the pad to try to get it up. That usually works with other stuff, so maybe?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Sallie just wanted to look pretty.

jdukearts said...

I'm sorry about your carpet and I have no ready cure suggestions, but I had to write to say "Brava" on your attitude about Sallie. Too many people cast off their pets for being difficult one way or the other. You are so right about the responsibility to her as part of your family. My admiration for your commitment to all your family grows as I follow your blog. You are a great example to young mothers and women everywhere. Keep up the good work! And know that we're cheering for you.

Laurel said...

6 years ago, my then 2 year old daughter, took a brand new tube of lipstick to my couch and pillows. I was livid....the tube was almost completely empty. I tried everything I could think of...the best thing was Bissell carpet/upholstery cleaner that I got at Linens-N-Things. I feel your pain!

Did you get the sizing pdf on the website? I haven't been able to find it.

Good luck with the carpet!