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Friday, November 13, 2009

Yay for less stress!

Phew. I have a few more to do. I cannot, absolutely cannot believe it. I feel good. The wind is at my back and everything that I've been stressing over is nearly over.

Jeff's new job begins on Monday. Yay! Our lives will change (quite a bit) because his new schedule will have us turning into morning say the least. He asked me several months back about whether I thought it would be okay if he applied for a job as a bus driver for our county. Of course it's alright! I was thrilled. It meant that he would be close by, working here in Woodford County, and he could continue being Youth Pastor at our church. What better opportunity could there be? I know. Awesomeness. (that's a word.) The job is low-stress, minding that you don't have to contend with bratty teenagers but in my fifteen years of being married to this man, I know without a doubt that he'll have absolutely NO problem dealing with those creatures. ::snort:: I'm super excited!

Well, I thought I would surprise everyone with some new things before the Thanksgiving Specials but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I got so engrossed in finishing orders, that I didn't have time to upload any photos. Sorry. It will just make you excited for Monday night @7p. Be there or be square! :) Look for the link "Thanksgiving Fun" in my categories section of the Shoppe's site.

Alrighty you! Have a great weekend. We have a fun day planned for tomorrow. We're headed to see Scrooge (in 3D) with some friends. I'm not entirely thrilled because I'll need to wear either my contacts or "enjoy" wearing two sets of glasses to see the screen. Ahhhh, the fun of poor eye sight! lol Contacts it is, I spose. Anyway, everyone's looking forward to the day. Me too!

Have a lovely evening. :)

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