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Thursday, December 17, 2009

this and that

Well, I am still awake (it's just after 1a) and I'm not done with a lot of things. ::sigh:: I have to say that on the getting-your-packages-out-in-the-mail job has been easy and I still have several to get out the door. ::sighing again:: Please know I am doing my darndest to get them finished, resized etc before Tuesday. These last few weeks have exhausted me more than I expected and I really, truly thought I would be done by now. Yet, here I am. lol Still plugging away. I get up fairly early (6:40a) and help Jeff get the kids off to school, truth be told, he does the majority of that work (makes breakfasts, lunches). Usually I'm doing laundry and making sure everyone's hair looks presentable and not scary. ha. Then there's the matter of letting dogs outside, getting them fed and getting myself ready. I try to go back to bed for an hour so that I'm not completely zombie-like but there are days when my mind won't rest and I just stay awake. This is when I get coffee at Thornton's gas station, cuz why? Cuz it's a little over a buck! That's why! Cheap and good. :)

The nights where I'm staying up past 1a are the ones that cause me to get very cranky, short-tempered and down right devilish. My mind is off in la-la land, thinking of who needs what and who gets what and did I remember to sign the note for the girls school? ::sigh:: These sorts of things send me over the edge, the balance between Mother and Job-Doer. Yeesh.

My weekend already looks like a blur. Friday night we're going out with some friends. Can't wait! We're going to grab Brooklyn's Pizza and head to the Festival of Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park. They put on a fun show (sometimes it's cloggers, jazz dancers, choir singers, you get the idea) and they have a petting zoo that the kids enjoy. Before the show begins you can go see all the avid train collectors show off their mazes of winding track. Awesome stuff!

When the kids were younger (we go every year, so this will be year 10 for us) we would want them to sit on Santa's lap at the lights show but they always, ALWAYS refused. Even Nicole who was such a friendly baby, she wouldn't have anything to do with him. Not sure why. lol My kids are funny that way. Oh well... not a big deal. I know they love Santa because they've watched those movies a gazilllllion times (you know, the one's with Tim Allen as Santa?) and they never tire of him. :)

On Saturday I have all my little girl scouts coming here for a party. Lord help me. Keep me in your prayers. lol I think it will be wonderful but I am NOT prepared (well, I am but not completely). I still have homemade snow flakes to hang around my house and get trinkets for their stockings and make sure that the photos for the parents are wrapped.

Then, later that night I have a dinner to attend and I have to make a dessert. :) lol So, it's going to be a very busy weekend indeed.

You all take care and I'll be putting up some new earrings in the next day or two. I didn't put them up for the open house because I thought that they were up but it turns out I didn't "activate" their pages.


I told you I'm losing it.

Thank you to all those who purchased things! You helped make my Christmas Merry and Bright.


ps: my hubby and i were up late the other night just chatting. he's been working the night-owl shift at Amazon to raise money for our churches youth group. :) (which is like 9:30p to 3a) he wraps gifts... fun! annnnyway.... we were both "wired" so we were watching youtube videos to wind down. (do you think we're crazy? lol) so here's a video he sent me... it's the funniest little thing. :) it reminds me once again why i love the Asians.

Check out the video here.

By the way, he's singing a Jason Mraz song that you might already know. too cute! It's a 1:32 long so go watch it! lol

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