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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


You think that everything's going along smoothly and a lot of unfortunate events take over? Yeah. That's how it is for me right now, lol.

My voice doesn't work. I am on an antibiotic so I'm sure to recover soon, but good grief people! Enough already! I'm just glad that it's not a sinus infection. I can breath fine and sleep fine as long as I have those Ricola square cough drops near my bed. I love those things and I am not a fan of Hall's brand. They make my nose hurt.

I'll have the specials up later today. :) I have some things to do before then and still need to figure out the picture situation. It's very cold outside and you get a lot of "blue" in the photos so it distorts the natural coloring of the item, so I think I'll be back inside for photos.

Jeff has begun his new job as a Woodford County bus driver. :) This has been a huge change for everyone in our family, probably Jeff the most as he is now getting up at 5a every single morning. The change for me has been okay but I miss having him around in the morning, however I have to admit that it's much quieter in the morning. He tends to lose his patience with "certain" people who forget to brush their teeth every morning. ha. cracks me up! they eventually brush their teeth in the morning but they'll stand around looking like they're all ready to go and he'll say, "did you brush your teeth?" and when the answer is "um. no." that's when he kinda wigs out. lol "YOU BRUSH THEM EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY. THAT MEANS...EVERY SINGLE DAY." lol! hilarious stuff people. Anyway, my method is to just say, "sure, don't brush your teeth. we'll be at the dentist and they'll be using those huge plier things to rip them from the root because they're all black and you have to get dentures...which means fake teeth."  They usually go brush their teeth pretty quickly. lol With me being the only one in the house to get four kids ready for school every day, well it's definitely a switch-up from my normal routine of just "being a helper". Jeff always does lunches, makes breakfasts while I get the girls dressed and do laundry. Yeesh. Anyway, it's been a big change and we miss our Captain but I think this will really help our family out a great deal. Hello Insurance.

You all take care and I'll see you later today! :)

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