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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Specials posted.



Hi Peeps! :) How was your day? Are you just so totally amazed that January is literally on its way OUT? I'm always shocked at the passage of time. We're now seeing bathing suits in stores and don't get me started on Valentine's day things. Yeesh! It's all coming too quickly. No no no. Stop I say!

Okay so I posted some new items! You can see the rest of them HERE.

Did anyone see American Idol last night? Wasn't that first girl to audition a riot? When Simons asked in his sexy British accent, "do these windows open?" I thought I would wet myself. He's too much. :) But I have to tell you, I miss Paula. Kara is just a bit too angry for me. And that Victoria Beckham, yowza, way too much time in the cancer-bed, if you ask me. Ick. Oh and she needs to eat some donuts. Way too thin. :) (don't you love how I just pick these people apart? Yeah. I know. You hush up!)

Have a great night! I'm off to have dinner at church. Enjoy!

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Liberty :) said...

I love I am Switzerland so much!