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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day Saturday

We took the girls sledding today (Nathaniel was at the neighbor's house).
It was fun, but that's probably because I wasn't sledding. I was taking pictures.
Hey! I am not a sledder. Is that even a word?

Deanie was so cute pulling her sled up the hill. She never got tired.

Me sans make-up. It's too cold for such things.

Nicole and Daddy sledding. Notice Nicoles thrilled face as she goes down the hill.

You need a closer view? lol Is that not hilarious? She's my child who has yet to learn to ride a bike.
Most think I'm crazy for not 'making' her learn, but um, this is the same girl who loves the Merry-go-Round,
but won't get on a scooter to save her life. She always plays it safe and ya know, that's okay.

Nicole and Nadine (aka: Colie and Dean) making snow angels.

She was the only one who would hold still for me. lol

Others were eating snow.

And licking it.

Sisters sledding.

More sledding.

A nice tooshie.

Telling them what to do and what not to do, explaining things you know? Others not listening.

Cold faces.

Finally! She would hold still for a photo! :)

And another one!

It was a great day. I hope yours was too.


1 comment:

Beth said...

Absolutely awesome pictures, Laurie! What a family treasure they are/will be.