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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Hello! Good Afternoon!

Jeff's new bus driver job (for our County) is turning out to be a fun job with perks. lol We found out earlier than everyone else that we would not have school today (only an hour before everyone else, but still! c'mon it's still fun!) and then I sent a text to some friends, letting them know too, cuz ya know... spread the love (at 5a in the morning! lol).

The kids all played in it, came in for hot chocolate, went back out in it, back inside for more hot chocolate and back out again.... well, you get the idea. It's not a lot of snow but it keeps coming down and they're enjoying it. What bothers me? Where was all this snow before Christmas when you want the snow so it gives you that warm and cozy Christmasy feeling that you want!? Right now it's just going to turn into a big ol' mess in the morning when we have to go back to school. Boo hiss. lol Oh well... enjoy it for now.

Jeff is working on chili and heading to a guys thing tonight which I'm sure will be enjoyable. Our church fellas are a lot of fun and I can't tell you how happy I am that he has fellas to do fella-things with. :) I'll be working on beads, organizing my dining room (that is covered in Christmas stuff at the moment) and getting lunches made since Jeff is now gone in the mornings and won't be helping me. Wha! It will be quiet around here in the mornings, that's for sure. My lady-of-leisure mornings are over and will be getting four people dressed and out the door!

There were two other little people who liked the snow too, and I added a bunch of photos so you could see. :)

What? What did you say? Outside?!

Snow, here I come!

This snow is totally wicked-cool and tastes good, too!

Sniff. Sniff. What is this white stuff?

Sadie was all snow-ready with her cute boots as Jack-Jack checks them out.

This snow stuff is awesome!

Okay. I'm done. I think it's really too cold for me and I'm very girlie. I have too much snow on my fur.

Someone needs to open the door. I said, I'M DONE!

Okay, I'm off to make MacIntosh Muffins, if you want, I'll add the recipe later. They're awesome, or as Jack-Jack says, "wicked-cool!"

1 comment:

Tess said...

My dining room table is covered in Christmas too! And the trees are still up, that's Dan's job!