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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's a start...

I've been working on a new blog layout and this is a start. Phew. I know it looks simple but I tell ya, I've been agonizing over it and changing it, going from frilly to fruity to flirty and deciding upon simple. :) lol I'll add the rest of it tomorrow and a new grab button. Thank you for all the comments about the old layout, I too did not care for the colors (even as I was working with it!) and you have to enjoy the blog, right? :) Right!

We're supposed to get snow tonight. The kids are praying for it so pray with them. lol They are all ready to romp in it, poor dears, I guess they are snow deprived? ha.

Talk to you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Liberty :) said...

Oh it's gorgeous!!! I'm getting you to do my next blog header!!!! Looks all country-bumpkin-ified! lovely!