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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More fun with friends!

Snow day today. So that means no school. My girls are thrilled of course, and I have to admit, it's been kinda fun just doing nothing all day long but hanging out with friends at various eating places and watching them play at their playlands (ie: Chick-fil-A and Mac's). My original plan for this week was to put up some fun things and edit photos along with finishing up the remaining custom orders. ::sigh:: Wow. That got shot in the foot.

Yesterday we finished our Valentine's (sort of, still have a few names to add) and I'll post pictures later. They turned out SO cute, and Moon came over with her girls to help us with the massive assembly line. lol It was great and they did an awesome job! :)

So now I'm off again with my crew and Moon's crew to Mac's. I can't wait. I need coffee. Just remind me not to drink so much coffee that my fingers get all jittery, that's no good people! That happened yesterday. Ugh. I was a jittery-funky mess I tell ya. Bad. Bad.

Talk to you later! :) Enjoy your day wherever you are!

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