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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday is almost here!

Well, let me tell YOU that my week was really crazy and it seems (I've been told) that it might get crazier with some more snow coming our way. Say it isn't so! lol Nah, I'm hoping it will only be a dusting. Cross your fingers for us. Certainly I cannot complain because my friends in Washington DC are in the middle of a huge, huge mess (like 70" inches in snowdrifts!). Now that my friends, is real craziness right thar!
Today I made this for dinner and it was yummy. The kids enjoyed it and to go along with it, I made these too. :) Normally Jeff does all our cooking but since Moon gave me the main seasoning ingredients, I figured it was my duty to try this out myself! And it was fun to cook! Did I ever tell you I'm a fan of The Pioneer Woman? I long to get out there on the land and rassle me up my own cow and junk. lol Cook up a real good meal with all the fixins and get beans from the garden and such. lol She's so awesome. Not only does she write like I'm right there with her (I'm her BFF, did you know?), but she's super funny AND (!!!) to top it off, she loves her hubby. Yeah. We've got a lot in common me and The Woman. Yup. We so does. Okay. Okay. So I might not be able to make my own recipes (what-ev-ver.) and I don't live off the land (yeah yeah. shut up.) but I do love my man and I think he's the best (take note of the recent tooshie photo i took... just for fun!).

(jeff helping deanie with her sled)

Anywayyyy.... I'll be putting up some fun things tomorrow. Wait and see! Tomorrow I'll be editing photos and getting custom order info out. :) With two full days off from school, it was wonderful to get them back! Phew. I needed peace people! Really. lol You try dealing with four kids all the time. ha. Nah, I can't complain, they're really good and we only have a few crying episodes. lol Just a few. Well, maybe more than a few but still... better than most.

I'm still not finished listening to The Help. I'll guessing I'll finish it tomorrow. Sad about that too. I don't want to let the characters go. I might just start it all over again once it's done, what do you think? Yeah. I think so too.

Have a great night (what's left of it) and I'll talk to you tomorrow!

kissssses to you!!!!! 

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Your jewelry is BEAUTIFUL! Never saw anything like that...really original and pretty.
(And I hear you on the snow days...two is just perfect.)