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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

stuff around the house

Boy, this week is already flying by. ::sigh:: You know I'm just not ready for that! I need days to go slllloooowwww because I need more time to finish all the junk I need to finish! Like cleaning the fabric piles off my dining room table, scrubbing the kid's bathroom (because they are so messy! is it really necessary to brush your teeth then spit the toothpaste in the bowl and NOT rinse OUT THE BOWL? why people? why must we do this?), fold the towels... ohhhh speaking of towels. I have to tell you a funny...

On Sunday I came home to seeing all our bathroom and beach towels strung nicely on the clothing line in the back yard. I just looked at all those colorful towels and thought, "why are these out here in this weather?" It couldn't have been more than 68 degrees that day and regardless of the sun or not, I just didn't see how thick wet towels could dry in an afternoon like that. So I ask Jeff because typically he knows all. And he tells me that he indeed hung the towels so they could "dry" in the "sun" and be all fresh and nice for us.


When he went back out there to retrieve said towels at 8:30 at night, the towels were just as wet as when he put them out there. lol Cracked me up. Normally it's me who does the dumb stuff.

So I have lots to do this week, but I am soooo happy with how my family area has turned out. There's a bit more work to do tomorrow and Thursday so I'll be sure to take pictures to show you. Don't you love DIY projects? I just need more time to do them.

I'm planning for a really big sale soon. That's all I'm saying.

Tonight the county girl scout cookies come into town so I am off to organize that mess. lol Wish me luck! I need it. Although, hopefully this year will be much better because we're doing it differently and having all the ladies show up at one time to retrieve their cases. I need coffeeeeee.


ps: i wanted to share this video with you... this is one of my favorite songs. ever.

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