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Monday, February 8, 2010

talk about a stick in my spokes!

So the weather forecast calls for 1 to 3" of snow here in the Bluegrass and on top of that? on top of THAT we get freezing rain. nice. ::sigh:: how does this happen? right when i'm on a good groove for getting all these custom orders taken care of i have this possibility of major snow accumulation hanging over my head? yuck.

Three of my four kids missed school on Friday so i totally lost that day taking care of them and working on the weekends just doesn't seem to work much anymore. i did take photos so now all i need to do is edit. and edit some more. :) today!

With the snow storm coming our way i decided to get prepared for a 'maybe' snow day tomorrow and went out to Michael's to get some supplies. The kids will make their own Valentine's this year instead of buying them in the cutesy boxes with Princesses or Garfield on the front. lol Not this year. (not that I don't like princesses and garfield... i do but...) I just thought it would be more fun to make our own things this year. :) I'll take pictures so you can see them for yourself; you just might want to make your own too!

Can't chat long today. Going to run to the bank and then hurrrrry back (after picking up the kids) and pack up some boxes before the mail comes. :) i'll be back later. maybe i'll have a picture to show you. or two.


1 comment:

Sara said...

Es super bonito tu trabajo, te agrego para seguirte.