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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend nothings...

Hello and Happy Weekend to you!

We are enjoying our weekend so far but isn't it a shame that it's almost over? I know, right?

Today I spent some time with Moon at our favorite place (panera) and came back to do a lot of cleaning. I didn't mind so much but sadly, I don't feel that much more ahead than when I started. That's because I began cleaning drawers and closets. First of all, why? Why is this necessary? And why did I pick today to do it? I dunno, it might be the fact that my house was void two children and a husband? The two remaining children were enjoying Polly Pockets and took a bath, all on their own. lol So I was left to throw things away that surely someone would have wanted but since they weren't here... lol, I threw it out! (shh! do not tell my husband. he is a keeper of all things J.U.N.K. -- don't get me started!)

My original plan for the day was to edit photos but I decided that it could wait until Monday. I do have a lot of new things so definitely stop by the Shoppe next week.

You all have a great Super Bowl Sunday! Jeff is at the church right now setting up for our big Chili Cook-off. :) He's going to make his chili... I hope he wins, his is really good...although I'd rather have a pink cupcake...just sayin'.


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