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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not as expected.

For several months I've been holding a secret from my girls. A surprise overnight at the girl scout camp with other Leader Moms and their daughters, just like us. I had the day all planned, the night with great anticipation, the whole event to be awesome.


It didn't happen like I thought and I'm a bit sad.

It was disorganized and not well planned, people having no idea what was going on and don't get me started on why they didn't bring a screen to watch the movie on.

So it wasn't the best. And I'm sad.

I'll tell me about it later but right now I just want to get the rest of my day going strong because goodness will surely come our way. :) After all, we are going to see Princesses on Ice and how can that go wrong!? :)

See you soon,

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