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Saturday, March 13, 2010

An old friend loses heat...

Almost five years ago I received this hair dryer from my Mom for Christmas. Strike that. My daughter received it for Christmas. Or, I think that's the case... anyway, someone got it for Christmas! lol It is my absolute favorite hair dryer. Not only is it PINK (bonus!) but it's one of the best dryers I've used and believe me, with all my hair, I've used a lot of these things. I was surprised to see how much power it had, especially since it's supposed to be a child's product but who cares, I love it!

Yesterday I noticed two of the coils turning bright, almost fire-like, red. I pulled it away from myself but it kept blowing, just not as hot as before. ::sigh:: I knew immediately that it was on its last leg, and I was bummed too, because she's been a good friend to me. :) At first I thought it was my imagination, that it worked just fine, but this morning when drying my hair I really noticed the difference in the heat. :(

So, today I am going to Target to purchase another Hello Kitty hair dryer. I hope they have her in stock. It's tough when you love certain brands or things and they stop working, thats happening a lot right now to me (ie: rock tumbler is on the fritz). ::sigh:: What's your favorite product?

Remember, I have a giveaway going up today! :) But don't worry, you can post a comment until tomorrow. :) Go enjoy your Saturday! Just check back sometime before Monday to see what you're playing for.


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