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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ramblings & $10 off already-reduced items.

Working today. Have things to photograph yet and if I get to them I'll be sure to post. I know (I KNOW) it has been a while since I've had new things in my Shoppe.  I KNOW people. Seriously. I'm just playing catch-up and finishing custom work. I think I have it all under control now too, thank goodness!

Everyone is planning for Spring Break, which apparently is right around the corner. We don't have plans to go anywhere. Maybe next year. We are doing some fun things though, so all is not lost. Nathaniel wants to see Alice in Wonderland with Jeff because the girls think it's too scary (they're probably right about that). Then, our friends Bonnie and Bill (Bill fixed our furnace, remember?) invited the girls and me to see Princesses on Ice for their daughter Jessica's birthday--she's turning seven and what better way to celebrate than to see Disney Princesses on Ice! I'm actually looking forward to this because I love ice skating and how can you not love Princesses skating? That just wouldn't be right! You gotta love them!

Alrighty folks! I need to scram. This afternoon we have our Girl Scouts cake decorating class with The Twisted Sifter. Can you see it? Forty-plus girls decorating cakes? lol Yeah, that's not going to be messy at all. Nope. :o) I wish I had been a Girl Scout when I was young, I love the way these girls are making memories like this.

You have a wonderful day!

PS: Everything in the Sale Section of my site is an additional $10.00 off. Just use HAPPY10 upon check-out.

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