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Monday, March 1, 2010


Today I did a lot of nothing. Last night I was sick until about 3a, not sure what was going on but I did not feel good. Horrible nights sleep. So this morning I slept in (not really, but you know what I mean...I got up, contemplated the idea of letting the kids take a tardy for my illness, then got back in bed, thought some more and finally fell back

The day turned out pretty good and I did manage to get more done than I thought I would considering how I felt. So that's good, right?

So I wanted to talk about my Supper Club dinner that I didn't take pictures of because I'm too lazy I got too busy I didn't want to I completely forgot...seriously, I forgot. ::sigh:: I fully intended on taking pictures but by the time our guests arrived, I had put the camera back in its bag and got busy visiting and cooking.

It was a pleasant evening and it made me realize how much fun this thing really is. I don't know why more churches don't have these sorts of get-togethers. I look forward to it (although this particular meal gave me hives! lol).

side note: right now as i type this post i can hear Nathaniel reading a book aloud to Nadine in his room, the cutest thing ever. He's really trying to get Nadine to read the Harry Potter series. I told him good luck with that. lol She's still into thin books with big words and lots of pictures. lol Oh well, that's okay right? She is after all, only six.

Jeff is making homemade chicken noodle soup. He just called for us to come to dinner so I need to go. :)


PS: My new book to review from Harper Collins came today. I can't wait to read it!

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