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Monday, March 8, 2010

Random photos of wonderfulness. :)

Our weekend wasn't rushed or hurried and yet we had a lot of kids running in and out. Maybe it's because Spring is in the air and we're getting that cabin-fever thing out of our systems. I took some random photos and thought I would share what's been going on in my world...

I love my neighbor's white picket fence. The girls had a wonderful time in the Sun.

Neighbor boys playing hockey. I loved this shot. And of course you can't help but love
the chalk drawings on their pavement. My girls love making faces and hop scotch.

I snagged these Speedo flip flops at Sam's for 13 bucks. They're so comfy. I think I need two more pair.

Sallie had the best time, all she did was sit in the Sun. Not a care in the world, except
to growl at the crazy-cookie-ladies coming to get more cookies. :) I don't know why
she insists on barking at these harmless women. ::sigh:: And don't get me started on
pip-squeak one and two. (aka: jack-jack and claire)

Last, I leave you with this thrifty find.
A couple weekends ago I went to TJMaxx, something I never do (shop).
I went looking for fabric napkins but when I didn't find them, I looked around a bit.
I found this adorable polka-dotted china water pitcher ($4.99) and a
china saucer ($2.99).

It just made my day. It's just precious filled with flowers too.

I've also been making earrings, this is just one pair that I put up in the shop.

Right now I'm growing out my hair. What a torturous thing to do, really. See? I turn
forty (gasp) in about a year and a half and I want long-ish hair for that. One thing I
love about having short hair, is that everyone always comments on my earrings.
It's such fun to say, "oh thank you! i love them too!" to whatever pair it is I'm
wearing at the time.

Do you have a favorite pair of earrings that you get compliments on every time?
I sure hope so, and I hope too that I made them for you. ::giggles::

How have you been spending your time lately?
Wherever you are, I hope the Sun can shine on your face. :)


1 comment:

Liberty :) said...

aww I miss jack-jack and claire! I think we should have some pics of them soon, they are the only dogs in the world I would ever consider getting as they are super duper cute!

looks like spring has sprung for you! we have another week of cold weather :/