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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Spring Happiness.

Hello and Happy Saturday!

I just wanted to post a quick email and let everyone know that all the Bliss and Spring sets have been shipped. Everything turned out so beautifully, I can't wait for you to receive them! :) Just in time for Easter and Spring! Thank you so much.

Also, I'll be having Specials up at the end of this week. Be patient with me, this is also the final week of the Girl Scouts cookie campaign so I'm busy with that too, however this is my last year so I'm kinda looking forward to it all coming to a close for me (as much as I have enjoyed it these past several years). It's always good to help out the community and now I'm going to let someone else take over.

Right now my house is filled with little voices... the girls invited their BFF's to come over and believe it or not, they've been in the hose... I know, it's cold right? Well apparently 66 degrees means it's warm enough to dig out your too-small bathing suits and find some buckets and fill them with water and sea shells, all the while basking in the Sun. Yup. :)

They asked Dad and he said, "no" and then said, "ask your Mom" and of course you know I said yes, because this is a perfect day for being freakishly cold and playing in the water! They had a blast! It was short-lived, about an hour total of hose-running time, but they were so happy. How could I have said no? lol

katiebug. she's five. i really can't believe how big she is now, starting school in the fall. and how cute is that little tooshie! i love tiny wedgies. :)

the dolls said it was far too cold to swim and it would mess up their hair, so they stayed poolside and planned to get wet as soon as it hits 85 degrees. *smirks*

shells and water. can it get any better.
deanie after playing, getting tired. lol
Everyone is now pretty tired and veggin' out in front of the television watching Chowder.
Don't ask me what that is, I've yet to figure it out but they love it/him/she/whatever.

 Have a great weekend, tonight I think we'll pop some corn, watch a movie and just totally do a lot of fun and nothin'. Can it get any better than that? I know, right?


1 comment:

Jamie @ Bungalow Bee said...

I bet you got some major Mom points for saying yes to the girls! Looks like they had a blast. 66 degrees sounds downright balmy to me. We had that on Saturday, too, and I LOVED it! By the way, your jewelry is just gorgeous. I'm sure I've told you that before but it really is stunning! :)