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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Weekend here we come!

Today has been productive so far. I finished earrings and bracelets and a lot of charm necklaces. My house is quiet. The kids are all at school, doing whatever it is they do at school. lol We've had a bit of a strange week. First of all, it's flown by, I mean REALLY flown by! Sure, I have weeks where this happens but not like this. Craziness people! Do you think it's because the weather is changing and people are going outside to do lawn work and the time is clicking by more quickly? Yeah. Me too. That's exactly what I think too.

At the end of the month, hubby is performing a wedding here. I'll be attending the reception and I'm looking forward to it. I've always wanted to take a look inside that big ol' castle but since I don't know the owner personally, and I'd rather not pay $40 dollars to take a tour AND I don't have $25,000 to rent it out for a wedding... I figure this is my big chance to see this place in action. :) ::giggles:: I'm super excited about it too!

This castle is about four miles from where I live. Isn't it spectacular? Click on the link above and check out the tour. Very cool stuff.

I've been waiting for my silver to tumble shiny and polished. I use a rock tumbler, best invention ever! If you're a jewelry gal, do you have one? You can either pay a crazy amount (like 85 bucks) or get one at your local hardware store, most have them. (ie: Harbor Freight, $20 bucks) Mine is on it's last leg, er wheel. It's just not working like she used to but heck, I've put her through quite a lot. My next one will be a double-tumbler. Right now it's making a dying sound. I think I better go check. lol It would be awful to find dirty silver water and tiny shot spewed out and scattered all over my bathroom floor.

Yesterday afternoon my neighbor-gals and I stood in the middle of our small street (which, btw, is a deadend, cul-de-sac type street) and chattered away of the goings on in our lives for the last oh say, five months. We decided that we're going to have block parties. :) You know? Doesn't that sound like fun? I know, right? Yeah, so that's what we're gonna do. ::giggles::

Tonight we're off to Natalie's school. She's doing a solo on her Recorder (aka: flute). I'm excited. She's growing into such a lovely are all my girls. Oh, and guess what? ::yikes:: I bought the girls their first 'bud bra'. It's not a real-real bra mind you, but some of these shirts they're wearing nowadays are very, very thin and um? My girls are beginning to grow little buds. Ugh! Lord help me. You do realize I have THREE daughters? You realize what that means in just a few, short years, right? I know. Let's just not talk about it, let's pretend it's not out there waiting for me. Okay. Good. End of story.

Okay ladies, I'm outie. Thank you ALL for your patience with your orders, I'm now only about 47 orders behind. ::sigh:: But I'm getting there! The good news is that the Bliss and Spring necklaces and earrings and bracelets will be shipped out early next week. :) Just in time for Spring!


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