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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sun Babies (the furry kind)

In the last month, I've received many emails asking for new pictures of my puppies, who by the way, are now one-year-old. This was a quick year, to say the least and my little furry babies have made a wonderful home here. :) So here you go...these were taken this morning so they're pretty current. :)

Claire is very nosey. She loves to know where you are and what you're doing.
If you're watching television she'll figure out a way to practically be on top of you so she can enjoy the tv too.
When you look like you're going to leave the house, she'll sit on the steps and make this face.
She weighs 8.6 pounds (as of yesterday).
She's the cutest thing ever and we adore her.

Jack-Jack is needy. He likes to be at your feet if you're in the Lay-Z-boy chair. If you sit on the sofa, he'll curl up right next to you like he is here. If you let him outside, he makes a mad-dash to visit his *friends* to say hello...and if you call his name and say, "come back!" he'll turn and look to say, "i'll be back in a minute! i have to say hi to my friends first!"
 (which takes him about ten minutes to I stand and wait. and wait.)
But he's a cutie and he just celebrated his first birthday.
He currently weighs 5.5 pounds
(up from 3.2, thanks to my adding butter to just about all of his food)
He is very loved.

Piggy (aka: Kitty Kitty) is more like a dog. He doesn't use a litter box, he'll meow and paw at the door to be let out. He needs to teach Claire and Jack-Jack a thing or two, but they're getting better! (thank goodness)
Kitty hides all over the house: in Nathaniel's bunk bed, in the shower (seriously) or in Jeff's t-shirt drawer...this is where I found him today...I think he's enjoying the sun from the closet window.
When people come to visit he's very friendly (it's almost comical how friendly he is) and he loves to play *tag* with Jack-Jack and Claire. Kitty usually wins by hopping on top of the dining room table. Well? Wouldn't you if two crazed pups were after your tail? lol
He's now 3 years old and is the Prince of the Castle.


Anonymous said...

Do you seriously add butter to his food?

byLGD Glass Jewelry said...

Yup. I have no choice. Just four weeks ago he was 3.2 pounds. Far too thin and since he's so active, I couldn't keep weight ON him so this was the only alternative. Butter. Total weight gainer, mainly I give him toast with cheese, scrambled eggs (with butter), and he likes peanut butter and jelly. All things to get him to gain weight. WE were thrilled to see him at 5.5 pounds, but our vet said he's still very thin. He runs a LOT. I'm not a fan of seeing his bones on his ribs and on his spine. We do what we have to. :)

Liberty :) said...

He is totally gorgeous!! All of them are!

Kristen said...

Laurie, they are all adorable!! :) Those faces!!! I can see why they are so loved!