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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh c'mon seriously!?

Now don't look at me like that. I know I said I'd have these new things posted yesterday today but I have to tell you, my life has been a bit crazyola in the last 48 hours so you just needsta bare with me here. Jeff even came into my workshop and said, "why don't you have the kids come home on the bus?" and I said it was okay, that I'd go and get them. My kids like getting home early so they can run and play with friends. So I don't mind. However, it does stunt my work and keep me from photo'ing, editing and listing. Ack.

So wipe that scowl off your face because when I put everything up you'll be so overjoyed and thrilled that you get to spend money. See? I'm just saving you money right now. You should be thanking me! I know. I'm a genius. I've been trying to tell you that for years! :)

As sooooon as I get everything finished, I will send out an email PRIOR so you all have a head's up! Pinky Swear! Poke a needle in my eye and all that other junk!

ps: seriously, i've had an issue with girl scouts and it has taken over my life the last few days so i'm doing the quick shuffle here girlies.


Lisa Chapman said...

Please, not post my picture on your blog anymore!! hehehe..hahaha..Hope your days are getting better!!!

Pretty Things said...

I have a lot of days like this!jau