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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

...things that can drive me a bit crazy

My life is always in a state of slight chaos, did you know? Is your life this way? Years ago when my babies were small and when I say small, I mean my oldest being five years old and my youngest being a newborn. ::sigh:: Those were the days......  when life was easy and life was blissful and our days were spent hanging out at the park and the swimming pool all Summer long. It's when I did the cleaning and did it properly (as opposed to some other folks that don't do it all that well right children) and my house was fairly tidy...minus the clutter of Thomas trains and polly pockets scattered everywhere and trying not to step on them. :) It was life and it was good.

It still is good but I find myself being stressed over the dumbest things, things that in five years will make me say to myself, "why did I ever worry about that!?"

So I decided to do a simple flickr search for "toothpaste on floor" and low and behold... I found the above picture. It cracked me up because it made the world that much smaller, knowing somewhere else there's a mother just like me dealing with toothpaste on the floor (or in her case, toothpaste everywhere!). I deal with this all the time and it's nice to know others do too!

It made me want to compile a list of things that drive me a bit crazy right now and maybe I'll look back on this in the near future and be thrilled that I'd overcome the craziness and being so frustrated by it. Here goes.
  1. seeing smeared blue toothpaste on the bathroom floor and stepping in it
  2. finding wint-o-green mint wrappers everywhere in my dryer having already been through the wash
  3. wondering who thought it a good idea to leave pencil shavings all over the computer station
  4. asking why the barrage of flip flops are scattered all over the back yard and everyone saying "i don't know"
  5. living with dog hair. enough said.
  6. saying, "don't you want to have nice teeth for the rest of your life? or do you want fake teeth?" and realizing that they don't really care either way
  7. suckers.
  8. the little straw sleeves on juice boxes that get stuck to everything. everywhere. all. the. time.
  9. jackets. jackets. jackets. too. many. jackets.
  10. can someone PLEASE change the toilet paper roll? is that too much to ask? really? really?!
So there's my top ten list of things that are driving me a bit crazy at the moment. I'll get over it and hope that soon someone will pick up those tiny wrappers or wipe that toothpaste off the floor, but for now I am happy to have happy people wave goodbye to me in the morning when I drop them off to school and be so excited that we get to watch Survivor on Thursday nights and call out for pizza. It's our thing. Every week.

It's a good life. No doubt about it.


Haley said...

Funny - I just had the "blue toothpaste incident" this morning. Grrrrrrrr!

Bobbie Pene said...

I soooooo hear your every word. My mother tells me that when my children grow up and leave home, I will actually miss all these things that drive me crazy - I do question that because when my children leave home, I will still have a husband here who is just as guilty of these many gripes :)

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Speaking as a Mom of a 21 and 26 year old....enjoy every minute of these years that you are in now(no matter how wild and crazy!). Toothpaste on the sink, toys everywhere, screaming kids, constant craziness, etc. etc. I am an empty nester now and I hate the quiet house and my chicks out of the nest. We are never satisfied, are we? Love & blessings from NC!