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Friday, May 14, 2010

Emails and Alice in Wonderland

Hello and Happy Friday! Aren't you glad? Wow. I sure am, however my weekend is going to be busy!

This is just a quick update on emails... I currently have 72 unread emails in my account. lol That's just from last night to today, so I promise I'll get back to you but it won't be until Monday, Tuesday at the latest. Over the weekend I'll be torching the last of the Sheer Happiness beads and I'm thinking I might just make a few extra sets just to be ahead. :) Artemis sets will ALL ship on Monday. They're finished but I need to get earrings completed and then box etc. FYI on that.

Nathaniel is Tweedle Dum in Louis Carrol's, Alice in Wonderland. He's been at play practice for months and I have to say that it really brings back such fond memories of my theater days. :) I'm so glad he's enjoying it. There's a lot of sitting around and waiting when it comes to being in plays and ya know what? That's half the fun if you ask me. :)

His performances are tonight (my folks are coming in from Cincinnati) and tomorrow (Jeff's Mom is driving in from Dayton) so it's going to be a busy time. Plus, the little girls are spending the night with a friend for a bday sleep-over and then another bday party on Sunday to paint pottery! They live the life! :) lol

You all have a fantastic weekend and I'll be back on Monday with some fun goodies. Take care and enjoy the weather (it's very muggy here. blah.)

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