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Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Hickory Goings-on...

About a year ago we got a clogged bathroom drain. When the men came to unclog it, they found a barbie head, a doll shoe, a tiny plastic cell phone, a few glass beads (shocking!) and a few other whackadoo things. Made me laugh really, but I don't like taking a shower in standing water. Ick.

So when the water began to get clogged again, I knew it wasn't toys since the girls are only allowed to have these cute little yellow duckies in the tub. As old as they are, they're still playing with ducks. lol Funny. Anyway, the clog just seemed to be your regular ol' gunk-oh-hair and what-nots. ha. It's running nicely ... at least for now. I'm sure I'll be writing about it again since we live in an older house and it has smallish pipes? I don't know... they just get clogged a lot. I can't complain. We love our street. It's worth it. :)

Speaking of our street....

Summer is fast-approaching here on Old Hickory Lane. The kids were out most of the weekend. Our neighbor's had a birthday bash for their newly-crowned eight-year old daughter. :) It was a crazy night! You should have seen it. They had SO much fun. We came back from Nathaniel's performance of Alice in Wonderland (which was totally awesome!) to find a gaggle of little girls running through yards with kazoos and light-up necklaces that you see at amusement parks at night. lol It was a riot. They always throw a great party. I told them they're trying to make us look bad! lol

Our younger two daughters have Summer birthdays so we're going to try and do a "bash" ourselves. Wish me luck. lol I'll keep you posted. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the weekend. I meant to. Honest. I had more fun just watching them run about and didn't want to go inside to grab my camera. I know. I'm a slacker. Whatevs.

Something wonderful came in the mail on Saturday. A notice that all three of our daughters got student-of-the-month awards at school, this last month of the year. How amazing is that? It made me giggle because it seems to me that it's very coincidental that all three of them would get such an honor at the same time. Hmmm... ? It makes me think that all the teachers got together and said, "hey, let's have the Eller girls get the award on the last month of the year." lol Who knows? I'm just glad! The girls don't know. So shhh! Don't tell them.

I'll be back with some new things... but right now I'm working on finishing Artemis and Sheer Happiness orders. :)

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