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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thursday?! What?

I am always so excited when Thursday comes. You know? It's like that moment when you know that the weekend is so close you can taste it? Yeah. That's just the best.

This week has been kind to me. I've been taking it slowly, working on each project at a time. When I rush I get lost and then make mistakes. Argh. Take your time. Take your time. Remember that each person is expecting your best... so that's what this week has been about. :) Almost all of the orders are complete, I'm waiting on one last silver order for charms and clasps.

Last night I made new beads. And I am in love. My new frit order came. This frit? Well, it's just divine. When worked properly you get this gold rush and flecks of purple... it's amazing. You'll see. Tomorrow. The photo below is from ValCox. There are two gals I buy frits from, Candy and Val. Their frits are fool-proof! Right now, I've been working with the one below.

(go here to see)

Nadine's teacher came to me today and said that Nadine had a live caterpillar crawling in the pocket of her sundress today. lol I giggled  and said, "was it really alive?"  Oh yes, she says. It was just crawling around in there, but we decided it would be better to let it go and live outside. Phew. lol My Nadine is a character. And loves bugs. lol

We had our girl scout meeting today. We painted pots and filled them with flowers. It was a good day.

I hope you had a good day too. The weekend is almost here!

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