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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kid's Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Wow, these last two weeks have flown by and I am glad they did. Looking back, I'm always amazed at how we didn't run into any snags with the renovation of the Kid's bathroom and that we (I mean, JEFF) had basically a smooth ride. Thank goodness.

So... let's revisit where we started. A 1960's style bathroom. I'm sure that back then it was delightful then (right?). 

Here's the bathroom as we had just begun the demolition of old "gold stone" tiles...


Vanity removal. Boy, I was never so glad to see that thing go. It took up so much room in this small space.

And let's not forget what Jeff had to deal with after removing all the tiles: a rotten sub floor.

He rebuilt the non-efficient "pressed board" sub floor, putting in a bathroom efficient piece of wood that was moisture resistant.

And then the real fun began.

We decided to go with maple laminate flooring because tile and my children don't get along. They've cracked their heads on it more than once. Laminate isn't necessarily cheaper, or even easier to install because you MUST seal between each plank to keep out moisture. If we find that this doesn't work, we'll put in tile. lol Everything online says that it will and I hope so because it's not cold to step on and it looks clean all the time (and EASY to clean. you just use windex and it's shiny shiny).

I got the idea to have the mirror built into the wall from this photo the below. I liked the clean look of it. Jeff had a tricky time making it but he was up for the challenge. :) Love him.

The laundry chute needed rebuilt and I'm thrilled with how it turned out.
This was really the whole inspiration (photo source, Coastal Living).
I just loved the white and the pedestal sink was TDF.

The result. It really has far more color than I envisioned but since it is a kid's bathroom I felt this was a good thing. When we redo our own master bath I'll keep it more nuetral.

The wainscoting is Valpar's Ultra White in semi-gloss and the walls are Valspar's Cream in My Coffee in a Satin finish. It was on sale last week with $5 off a gallon. Score!

I'm a sucker for a good towel and I snagged these huge and super fluffy towels at Target for $3.99 each. They've been washed several times and you can see how plump they are. Yum. The white towels on top of Diana's (Echo in the Bone) book are not hand towels. They're actually kitchen towels in a thick waffle weave. They're not as big as hand towels and a perfect size for kids. You can get a bundle of five for $4 smacks. Easy peasy.

I absolutely adore how this turned out. From the wonderful clean lines of the Nantucket-style molding to the glass millifiori vase, this space has been transformed. The new sink and fixtures just make me smile. So clean.
The Hello Kitty hair dryer hangs from a $5 dollar Target dragonfly hook. It was so cute, that I had to purchase her. She's so sweet! I might need more. ::wink wink:: Also, I'm loving my Scentsy plug-in ala Suzan Stang and just last week I snagged some great deals on new Summer scents! :)

At night when I turn on my Scentsy plug-in it just makes this tiny area light up with joy. The kid's (mainly my girlies) are going to love it.

You can find the dragonfly hooky here.

Some years ago, maybe six or seven, I found this millifiori glass vase. It's huge and extremely thick. I was originally $99 (from Marshall's) but they had it on the deep-discount table for $24.99. I simply had to have it. It's been moved around my house over the years, wherever I needed a punch of color but I think it will stay here. It just makes that area look happy. Don't you agree? I know. Me too.

Jeff hasn't finished the trim and hinged door on the laundry chute, next week. :)
The print hanging is vintage (circa 1946). :) My Mom bought it for my bedroom when I was a young girl. It's one of my absolute favorite prints. Two little girls fighting over the love of a boy.
You can find the "il bacio" (which means "kiss" in Italian) here. Mine is in the Sepia style.

I have yet to finish the molding in the hallway, next week. I am actually looking forward to it...notice the grime of fingers on the front of the door frame leading into the bathroom. nice. stay classy.

Young House Love bought this curtain for their bathroom reno, and I wanted it too. Yay for a $30 purchase from where else? Target. It's an ultra white curtain so it should be easy to keep clean. Hello Biz.

Everyone has their own hook and fluffy towel. Hooks $3.99 for a two-pack. Again Tarjay. :)

This toilet paper holder is brilliant. Target had a two-paper holder but it would have been too large, what with the rack here and all. Thankfully after a quick stop to Walmart I was pleased to find they had a single paper holder for $2.97. No kidding. Cool huh? You just hook it over the rim of the toilet and put the lid on top. I love it. I never wanted one to attach to the wall because if you remember Nathaniel fell into the old one and pulled it straight off from the tiled wall. Not wanting to take another chance like that, I opted for an easier solution with this removable one on the toilet's tank. Plus, since this is a small space it takes up no room at all. Coolness. :)

This is the view of the hall closet from the bathroom door. Behind horrible louvered doors, it's always housed our towels and more junk than I want to admit, and yesterday I had about twenty bees in my bonnet, I decided to paint it. Yup. This wasn't in the original plan. Totally bonus extra goodness mess crap. lol However, after removing the doors and making the space clean and tidy, I am thrilled with the outcome. It's deeevine. Love love.

Eventually I'll begin to purchase the fluffy Target towels in the soft cream for guest use. The bottom shelf (the floor) will have fabric baskets for the kids winter gloves and summer goggles. :)

I used paint that I already for this job, and the inside of the closet (two coats) took nearly a full gallon. Good grief there were a lot of corners and edges and holes and crevices. Ack! Plus I wanted to paint both sides of the shelves. It really makes this space so much bigger! Loveliness I tell you.

The IKEA thick-cardboard boxes are a great purchase, totally not expensive either. They come in two-packs, the largest box set being $6 bucks, the smallest set $3 bucks. Love these. The top green tin has our First Aid supplies in it. :)

Remember to please. use. :) I remind my kids of this every day. lol

In the end, and including the cost of the shower (removal of old tiles, new tiles added and new fixtures) the total renovation of their bathroom was $1,000. It was well worth it.

Now on to the next project!

"ohhhh honey, can you come here? i have an idea........"

So that's what I've been up to for the last two weeks. I hope you're having a great Summer so far. Next week I'll have a lot of ready-to-ship items for you. See you soon!

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