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Friday, July 23, 2010

My baby turns seven today.

Nadine, our littlest turns seven today. Mostly we call her Beanie or Deanie or just Dean. She's the life of the party and makes us laugh All. The. Time. She's a hoot and although she doesn't always understand why you're laughing we are constantly finding ourselves giggling at her antics and humorous comments about life.

Jeff was stressed when I got pregnant with her, because Nicole wasn't quite two years old and Natalie was three and a half so that made Nathaniel five years old. :) Everyone was tiny. Nicole wasn't completely potty-trained. Two in diapers for a while. Yikes. So this was a big deal, to add in another tiny person to this already tiny large family. However, I was thrilled and had always wanted a big family (I would have had six kids but this last pregnancy the doc said I was there you go). But c'mon, how awesome is this? Four people! We are so blessed.

The other day I was digging through drawers and throwing things away. I found these photos and wanted to share...

She was my smallest baby weighing in at 6.4 pounds (Nathaniel was 8.14, if that gives you any idea) and I was so excited to have such a small person to dress in itty bitty clothes. She was just like a teenie doll.

Notice the old school digi camera, Sony Mavica. Wow. lol Back in the day (seven years ago) we didn't have all the fancy stuff like we do now, photo editing and all that jazz. We have grainy photos and poor color. lol However, there's something about these photos that I love. They were taken on the day I brought Deanie home from the hospital (or the following day, I'm not quite sure). The kids were excited. Nicole is so small here.

Nathaniel was the proud brother. You can see it a lot in these pics. Natalie is so cute, can't get over how big she's gotten.

Nicole, even as a baby, has always been very bubbly. She's so sweet.

At Grandma Eller's house, how precious is this?

Okay. Now let's ignore the before-Laurie-discovered-professional-hair-color and focus on Nadine here, shall we? I mean really, I just delivered a baby. Cut me some slack. It took me quite a few years before I found my wonderful (!!!) Kelsey who makes me look younger now than I do in this photo (where I am SEVEN YEARS YOUNGER!!! ugh. how sad is that?) I digress.

Isn't my Deanie adorable? She's so little. I love her face.

Aside from the heart-melting smile on Dean's face, I find it hilarious that Nicole is sitting in the car seat. This was such typical chaos in my home at the time. Everyone was five years and younger. :) How I managed I do not know but I'm so glad I did because my (our) little people are the best. When we added our Deanie-Beans we completed our family, it was a good day, a good day indeed.

Today we plan on going to the movies, then to BD's Mongolian BBQ (Dean's pick). It will be a great day!

Happy Birthday Deanie, I love you.


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Nadine!!! Your baby pics are adorable and you are growing into a beautiful young lady! Enjoy your birthday, have fun! :)

Pretty Things said...

Oh, it's hard when they get older, isn't it? Zack is seven, too.

Marianna said...

oh what sweeties you have! You have such a beautiful family. Isn't it nuts how fast time goes? I've got Noah turning 5 tomorrow and Lucas will already be 5 weeks old on Sunday...eeeeek it's going too fast! :)

Happy Birthday Nadine!!!!