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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintaj Brass Jewelry - Necklace & Earrings SET

Vintaj Brass findings are super popular right now and of course I am in love with them since my personal style is very earthy-cute-friendly. I love "Life is Good" shirts and went through a three-year phase where that's all I wore every day, and thankfully I have moved on to a bit more of a different look albeit the same thing just the same thing in a different way. lol Think colored Tshirts from Kohl's with Pleated Poppy pins on everything. :) I don't know why but I tend to be a severe creature of habit. Sometimes I think it drives my husband crayzee but usually he just nods and says, yes dear. :)

When I first spotted the Vintaj brass findings at our local Hobby Lobby store I was thrilled with how whimsical and earthy (cute) they were. Love love! Do you have a HobLob? If you do, they have a nice selection, not very big but you can at least get a good idea for the style of these solid brass findings. Typically I buy online but if I'm in a pinch, I'll run to HobLob and grab some chain or a package of ear wires etc. Super easy!

Each week I get a nice handful of emails asking where I purchased things and how did I make them or "did you buy those on Etsy?" (usually yes because I etsy) Depending on how much time I have I might answer a quick yes or I might actually take the time to give a seriously detailed answer. And sometimes I'm not sure I'd like to say. lol It's one of those balance-things. Do you know what I am saying? However, I remember when I was first starting out in this crazy business (almost nine years ago now) and I desperately wanted help and there was no one to help me. No. One. Back then Ebay was in full force and we budding jewelry designers found ourselves scrambling to be the best and reach the top of the Ebay-food-chain and make our mark. I was on Ebay for two years before I finally moved to my own website where I have been ever since. Having my own website made me feel more connected and while I have managed to make a true life out of this work, I still find myself second-guessing my own work. Is this good? Will they like it? I love it?! So won't they? Yeah. That's what goes through my head on a monthly weekly daily basis. Don't misunderstand. I know who I am as a designer, I love my own style and am always trying to keep things changing to keep it fresh and new. Because truthfully at the heart of all this is my absolute love with the glass. It's really all about the glass. Right? Right.

So, back to the emails.

It got me to thinking. Why can't I do video and blog tutorials on what I do and show others how it begins or how it works or how the heck did that work like that? We all know how to wrap wire properly, right? Or no? We all know what gauge to use, don't we? And is that the best wire to use? Will it hold up under some serious tension? All of these questions have been asked at one time or another and I'm sure you have found out (like most of us) the hard way when a package arrives and it looks absolutely NOTHING like what you thought it would online. Take wire gauges for instance: the best gauge for ear wires is 20 for boro or heavy earrings and 22 for lighter-weight earrings. FYI. :)


This Fall I'm going to start doing tutorials on just how to "make it work" together and have it turn out "pretty."  I'm not sure if you'll be able to do it on your own because as with certain things, you kinda need a gut instinct about it, a personal style or a niche. This might not be the gig for you, you might do better at gardening (which I totally suck. serious black thumb people.) or maybe knitting (another no-can-do here). So hopefully you'll get ready for some lessons in beading and I hope I can teach you something you didn't know. I'll go slowly and if you have questions on what you'd like to "learn" about, drop me an email and I'll make sure I cover it.

And there you have it.

In the meantime, gather up some beads and findings (you can find a lot of beginner strands at Michaels or HobLob) and we'll CREATE!!! But if beading isn't your thang and you're just into buying, well Yay! for you! I love you! Kiss kiss smooch! You stick around and I'm sure that I'll put up something you'll want to purchase, cuz I'm good like that.

Have a great night!


Pretty Things said...

Love everything! I have some felt to work with but most of it goes to a store in St. Michaels that is half gallery, half yarn shop. It has the most divine hand-painted yarns -- and the stuff I've made with the felted beads fit right in.

Stacie said...

Ahh, I LOVE that 'Create' bracelet. Of course the charm itself but the mix of vintage looking beads and wire is fabulous :) Beautiful work my friend!!

Marianna said...

beeeeeeeeautiful! :) I love Vintaj and Hobby lobby...that place is a time suck and a wallet suck, WAY too much cool stuff to see and buy in there!