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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

goodies galore--tomorrow.

hello friends,

today i spent my time getting back to normal speed, but did not have time to edit photos. between coughing and drinking hot tea and coffee, i just went at a snail's pace. however, tomorrow you'll find goodies galore. thank you so much for your patience. it isn't often that i'm sick but it does seem i take ill the first two weeks of school. too many germs coming home with the children? hmmm... makes me wonder.

many (!!!) have emailed about christmas orders...

this year i will not be taking any christmas orders after October 1st. i know this seems early but for the last four years i have worked all the way up until christmas eve and it just doesn't seem right to do this to my family. that doesn't mean i won't have new things posted because i will! i just won't be doing any custom things. last year my tree went up just before christmas eve (i think three days before? possibly two.) and i was so cranky about it too, because i love it when the tree glistens in my living room.

anyway, that's just a reminder about christmas orders. if you want to place an order for something custom do it before October 2nd because all of those categories will be gone and the only thing remaining will be "ready-to-ship". okay?

also, i thought i'd give you this daughter did a class project with her BFF and it turned out so cute. check it out by using the link below.


have a great evening, talk to you tomorrow. :)

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