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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sickness has spread (but I am well!)

Hello and happy Tuesday!

It's been a long couple of weeks around here and the doom and gloom continues. ::sighs::

So, I began feeling pretty good by Sunday (well enough to go to church) and then Natalie started getting sick. Lots of throwing up all day (and into the night) so she stayed home yesterday. Thankfully it seems to be fairly quick as she felt pretty good today and wanted to go back to school.

Nathaniel told me this morning he wasn't feeling so hot and I thought he was just trying to stay home. Apparently he wasn't kidding because he called from school having thrown up in the hallway. Ugh. This is my child who NEVER gets sick. He even joked yesterday about how it had been two years since he'd thrown up. Well, huh. Poor guy. He's now home and resting.

That's how it has been here. I'm finishing up the rest of the orders and also working on the photos for tomorrow's sale. I can't thank you enough for your patience. Everyone who has late orders going out will receive a gift certificate for a future purchase. Not one of you has complained and you have been so gracious. Thank you, thank you!

All orders will ship out this week (all by Thursday) but many have already gone out.

In other news. On Sunday while Natalie parked herself on the sofa and the girls wanted to watch tv I started on the recovering of a chair. :) More updates as soon as I finish it. You can see the photos from my album. Enjoy.

To see more photos of my chair, go HERE.

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