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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Friday Fun is Coming!

Just a reminder that Friday Fun is Coming tomorrow {cuz hello! it's F R I D A Y !} and I am so glad too. This week has been a slight whirlwind of orders and the compiling of who gets what and did you order the right charm for that bracelet she asked you about? ::sigh::

I have turned to writing it all down. Every. Single. Thing. It's something I never had to do; my mind could just remember it all. Not anymore. It just vanishes and then mistakes are made and then there are tears {from me} because I forget that I just can't keep up unless I write. it. all. down. :)

The Friday Fun thing is for me. It's so I can create things I just feel like it and put it up for someone else {you} to enjoy. I love it!

Lots coming! See you tomorrow!

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