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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A wonderful weekend {in no particular order}

We went to Ohio for the weekend to visit our families.
We were busy but somehow managed to do a lot of relaxing.
(most of us are in PJs. see what i mean about relaxing?)

At Jeff's Mom's we roasted weenies and had S'mores.
The vista here is beautiful.

The view from the back porch.

Getting ready for S'mores.

Roasting huge campfire marshmallows.
If you haven't had these yet, go right now and get them before they're gone.
Marvelous stuff.

Golden perfection.


Natalie pulling Nicole (as if she were a motor boat and Nicole was skiing).

Nat teaching Jack-Jack to boogie board. Um. Yeah.

I. so. hate. this.

Claire hating every minute and hoping someone will come save her.

Happy to be out of the water and dry.

Dogs waiting for Grandma to feed them. I loved this shot.

Nathaniel was sick a couple days and did a lot of this.

Other things we did...

- having dinner with my family and celebrating two birthdays (my dad's and jeff's)
- Hummingbird-watch
- going to King's Island and Boomerang Bay
- seeing Nanny McPhee (it was awesome)

What did you do? I hope it was fun!

* * *

Many of emailed and I'm trying to sort through them all.
I will return them by Friday. Lots to do before then!

Happy Wednesday to you!


Liberty :) said...

looks like loads of fun!! :)

Amy said...

Your camera takes such great pictures!! It looks like fun!