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Thursday, October 28, 2010

New things ready!

It's been a nutty week. Yeah yeah. I say that all the time but seriously, it has. Where this week went I have NO idea. Yesterday was Monday and tomorrow will be Halloween, I am sure. of. it. ::sigh:: So much to finish before the kids go ringing doorbells waiting for candy to hit their buckets. Who thought up this holiday anyway? I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to just buy candy and enjoy a good movie instead. Ha! Don't tell my kids I said that. This year we'll have a Bling Kitty, a Scary Spider, a Wizardly Wizard and a Dark Ninja. lol I might throw on some crazy socks and beg too. You just never know with me. I'm crazy-weird like that.

Anyway... tonight the new things will be available for you. Here are a few pics of what's on the way...

As I was writing this little bloggy post for ya's, I ended up spilling my hot (HOT!) macs coffee all over myself. I'm now sticky and somewhat drenched (I get a large). Yuck.

Can someone go get me another coffee? Thanks! I'll be waiting on the porch.


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