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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Total Cuteness!

Last year I bought a little Nissan Cube to stroll around in with my kiddo's. We didn't want a gas hog and this little cutie gets 29 to 32 miles to the gallon. I know! Amazing! It's compact and I can get from the elementary school to the grocery store and pop into the big city with total ease. I love her. :)  Like I said, she's pretty tiny but honestly she has a lot of room inside, it's weird. People will stop  me and ask to "look inside" so they can see if more than two people can fit. lol Really, five can fit (however three of those people need to be thin). lol

Like my brother before me, my parents bought me a brand new, zero miles car (right off the lot!) when we graduated. This was what I picked out. Spicy huh!? :)

1990 Honda CRX

I'm no stranger to tiny cars. I just like them, always have and always will. And when we were deciding on a car to buy, we kept going back to tiny cars. Jeff's first brand new car was a Dodge Omni... so we both kept going for a smaller vehicle, despite having four kids.

So, when my logos came yesterday for my little cutie car, I was so pleased and could barely contain my excitement. Here she is now, my pink daisy.

I know! It's so cute! I have more flowers on the sides and front too. :)

I just love how she turned out. If you'd like information on the gal who made them for me, go HERE. Jodi is awesome, so drop her a line if you're looking for something unique. :)

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I just reduced the price of the Autumn Stroll Boro bracelet, go check it out!

Happy Halloween!


Beth said...

Love it! Too cute, Laurie!

Stacie said...

I may have to make up a logo just to stick it on my van. Except my van is neither cute nor does it get good gas milage... hmmm.... will need to think about that a bit.