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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows... yay!!!

For over a decade Jeff and I have been huge fans of Harry (and get this, my Dad's name is Harry... hee hee... although he's not a wizard. just sayin'.). We have been to all the movies and have seen five of them on opening night, once Nathaniel even dressed up for the occasion. We have read all the books and then missed them so much, I bought them on audio CD. They were my very first audio books I had ever listened to and boy, did they open up my ears to the world of listening. If you want a totally new experience with HP, then give the narrator, Jim Dale, a try. He's fantastic!

So when last month we made our way to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal's Studio we got the experience of a lifetime. We enjoyed walking through the snowcapped village of Hogsmeade and even visited Hogwarts, but one of the big highlights was enjoying a nice chilly glass of butterbeer.

(nate in his cool shades. nat in her darling hat. colie sporting both shades and hat. deanie just deanie. and me.)

Even at $10 dollars a mug, it was really worth it...and you keep the cup. So now the kids use their mugs all the time and will always remember this moment of sitting in the Sun and enjoying our butterbeer. Click the link and find the recipe to make your own mug of the good stuff.

Next week Harry comes to the theaters and I can't tell you the excitement that's running through our house. The little girls aren't too interested in seeing it on the big screen, but the older two can't wait. Nicole and Nadine will enjoy watching it but probably from the sofa when it comes out on video. :) lol

* * *

Lately I've been a busy bee, preparing for a new (fun) venture with my BF Moon. A couple weeks ago we decided to do a fundraiser that turned into a small business venture and well, it's actually been a lot of fun! So, if you're a local gal to Versailles, definitely stop by this Saturday at Versailles Pres. and take a look at what we have to offer. :)

* * *

I know my shoppe is empty. ::sigh:: I've been working on so many custom orders and trying to get those out of the door before I take on any more work, plus, my Christmas Holiday Open House is coming.

For all the newbies to my mailing list, WELCOME! You'll be getting all the secret details too. Thanks so much! It's great to have you!

ps: for those of you who've asked, my "diet" is going great. since last week i'm down another three pounds, making it a total of 25 pounds lost. :) i'm thinking of doing a weekly 'here's what i look like' post so i can track the weight-loss in pictures. we'll see.

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